Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prison Break is not longer just a show on Fox

I don't want to alarm anyone, most of all, myself. But the two LEGO men who have been trapped inside the paper clip container on my desk for the past two years have...escaped.

So if you see a tiny yellow LEGO surfer with a flat-top and floral shirt or a pizza deliveryman in a white cap, be cool. By all means, don't approach the two of them as they should be considered extremely dangerous. They could cause a small cut on the bridge of your nose or use your own weight against you through the nonviolent direct action of laying underneath your arch. It's best to walk away slowly and note their current location via some sort of Google Mashup.

Since they lack fingers or thumbs, I'm going to assume they had help. The current main suspects are a dog and a cat, working in an unlikely tandom. But I've also noticed recently that a lot more minifigs have popped up around the office. Two pirates stand over an old circuit breaker switch attached to the wall and Jack Stone is protecting my office supplies. This could be the kind of conspiracy that brings down an entire company.

Photo by Tiberium Blue.

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