Friday, April 17, 2009

LEGO in my luggage

Greetings from the Kansas City International Airport. Although no international flights are scheduled for departure today (or any other day for that matter), many will travel several hundred miles. We're not big on the details here. As long as you don't put vinegar in your sauce, you should be fine.

I'm wondering if AFOLs keep a travel box organized for LEGO on the go? Although one of my guilty pleasure is to read paperback dramas, I could use a LEGO set right about now to occupy my time. Any suggestions out there for how to pack a box that has everything I need; but could fit into a carry-on?

Currently, I've got my eyes peeled for the airport manager, the inspiration for Kate's favorite minifig.
Photo by thegareth.

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ScooterX - simple living, simply living said...

This seems like a good case for a "micro" box. Either a 20x20 or 11x11 plate, and a small assortment of pieces in a mesh bag. Maybe keep all the pieces black and white to simplify.

Better yet, keep all the pieces grey... that way you'll look like you're "working" and not "some guy just playing with blocks".