Monday, April 13, 2009

Not yet Finnished

To my reader in Finland,

Thanks for coming by and visiting a small online slice of middle America. I'm sorry I haven't posted in Finnish to date, but this entry will make up for it (if you're pressed for time, feel free to roll your eyes on down to the end of the post).

Kudos on selecting the Whooper Swan as your national bird, it would easily defeat the bluebird (official Missouri bird) in beak-to-beak combat. Over the course of this past year playing with LEGO bricks, one of the things I learned (besides to never mess with a Swan or Canadian geese) is that LEGO is a unifying language. I'm excited by the idea that we could, as I type this, be building exactly the same thing. I wonder if this is what Tesla and Marconi felt as they sought to bring radio to the world. Will you Finnish reader complete the Green Grocer before I do?

Will Erik Larson someday write about our epic struggle paired with a gruesome crime? Likely not. So in the interim, while we await the winner of our fictitious build challenge:
"ilakoida kummuta."

Photo by Sirkku.

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