Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LEGO Rock Band???

With rumors swirling across the Inter Tubes that a LEGO Rock Band is in the works, I thought I would suggest an appropriate song list for a game title involving minifigs and the chance to rock out in your living room.

Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd. Although the pace is slower than you'd envision for a button-smashing guitar solo, the chorus is easy enough for any of us to sing.

Lego- Ian Gomm. The theme song that is a delightful mix of synthesizer and children's rock.

Brick- Ben Folds Five. Nerdy musician who probably plays with LEGO? Check. Catchy beat? Check.

Brick House- The Commodores. Every good game needs funk and this meets that requirement nicely.

[An important note to those of you getting married and currently considering wedding bands. Brick House is the song that will ultimately determine the wedding band you select. It's on nearly ever sample CD sent by prospective bands and is the only song that will have you reacting like a kitten who has just smelled a lemon.]

I look forward to the game and butchering this song list in the home version of karaoke. In the interim, I can make do with this minifig microphone from Brickforge.

Photo by Dunechaser.

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