Thursday, April 30, 2009

A box of bricks

I used to think everything would be better if we all just bought bricks in a box. That was when I assumed you wanted to purchase LEGO sets and those bricks were made of plastic.

I'm starting to question that basic theory of consumerism, in light of the recent "buy a Macbook box, get a brick..." series of purchases. To be honest, pavers aren't particularly fun and since I don't possess a wet saw, I'm not envisioning a dramatic series of creations from a red, cement brick.

But, there is hope in this story yet. Those who want to join the ranks of Apple owners, can turn to this LEGO Mac Pro or the new G4 Junior.

See, good does come from a box of bricks; but only when they fall into the right hands.

Picture via Gizmodo.

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