Thursday, June 25, 2009

Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and Me

It wasn't until I picked up LEGO bricks again that I realized I might still have an affinity for toys in general. But that has become abundantly clear while trying to cram LEGO sets and plastic brick storage into the built in bookcase in my office.

A brief tour through my brick habit reveals a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a miniature shopping cart- a stuffed animal from the Museum of Natural History that I've had since the last time I played with LEGO sets. A barrel of monkeys that hasn't been opened in years- I'm fairly certain the monkeys are dead. They haven't made noise for several months.

A hula girl wobbly figure and miniature Tower of Pisa sit amongst my office supplies in an old Coke crate. A miniature ninja from a bubble-container vending machine continually appears and disappears among the spindles of a shelf. I suspect he had something to do with the monkey's demise. Ninjas are a jealous bunch, even if they hide it well. And finally, A Greg Maddux bobblehead, the closest thing that adults get to toys.

What's in your toy

Photo by Krush!

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