Wednesday, June 17, 2009

E is for...

Like party kids everywhere, I have neglected "E" for too long. So, here it is, your fifth installment of the brick-based encyclopedia.

E is for... Eurobricks- an international forum for adult fans of LEGO, covering everything from MOCs to building techniques to the latest sets.

E is for... Elsa Schneider, the Nazi vixen and one of the minifigures expected to be included in the Venice Canal Chase set slated for release by LEGO in August of this year. You are expected to drop her minifigure from the edge of your desk, while shouting. "Elsa. Don't Elsa. Elsa. Give me your other hand honey, I can't hold you!" as a tiny glove begins slipping from her minifig hands. Ideally you will then be saved from falling out of your chair by your dad, who suggests that you "let it go, Indiana."

E is for...Ewok- the Star Wars characters that call Endor home. These tiny cherub-teddy ruxpin hybrids are even in their own LEGO set, Ewok Attack. If you've never witnessed an Ewok attack, I'm happy for you. Trust me, they fight dirty.

E is for...EXO-FORCE. Think Manga meets LEGO. A line of sets in which humans battle robots on the slopes of Sental Mountain. Two words for you: spinning buzzsaw.

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