Thursday, June 4, 2009

Instructions for everyone

For a toy that is built on infinite play, there is something comforting in the illustration-based instructions that come with LEGO sets. Each step requires some deciphering and a bit of trial and error, but ultimately provide enough guidance for nearly anyone to complete a set.

And now word comes, via Wired's Geekdad, that LEGO has filed a patent application that would allow people to generate printed instructions for the creations imagineered online via the LEGO Digital Designer.

So in the future, someone could log on to LEGO's website- design their own kit virtually, order the parts and have a complete set with instructions delivered to their door. Or, people could begin ordering creations made by other fans, which included an illustrated guide of how that Tyrannosaurus Rex or helicopter was built.

Customized sets seem just around the corner.

Photo by Joakim Lind.

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