Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On celebrities and LEGO

This blog has finally been overrun by celebrity driven news. We held out against the siege as long as we could. But like Helm's Deep and other dork fortresses before us, the walls have come down. I guess this blog entry will stand as a testament to what Brick Bender once was... Some would say it was inevitable. I would say is a factor of sloth.  

Megan Fox can't believe that Shia LaBeaouf won't play "LEGO Star Wars," with her. I am flabbergasted myself. 

"I tried to get Shia to play “LEGO Star Wars.” He wouldn’t even tolerate getting past Start. He has no idea what an awesome game it is," Megan told The Wrap. 

You say slow news cycle, I say poor Shia. 

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