Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Lost blog entry

We take a slight break from our regularly scheduled LEGO programming for an important debate. If you are a viewer of Lost, please feel free to enjoy this entry. If you're not, I apologize for taking a day to try and sort out some of the thoughts preventing real work (LEGO building and book writing) from occurring in the wake of season five's premiere last night. Rest assured there will be no spoilers, only two quick theories.

1. Could those who left the island be the "constant" for those who remain on the island?

2. Are we destined for a mobius strip ending on Lost? Wherein the characters struggle for seven seasons only to find they have returned to the moment of the crash, destined to try and do better over the course of their lives on the island.

[As for the minifig pictured, it's a tribute to Dr. Jack Shepard's finest acting role- Racer X, which has been immortalized in LEGO.]

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