Monday, January 5, 2009

LEGO lamps are the new Lava lamps

It's easy to fall in love with Danish design. The neat, clean lines suggest that you will become not only more organized, but infinitely cooler.

Despite trips to Copenhagen and a week spent last September at modern design museums and cosmopolitan hotels, it was one LEGO-inspired light at the Hotel LEGOLAND in Billund that caught my attention. Bell-shaped acrylic lamps hung from the ceiling over the staircase that leads to the entrance to LEGOLAND. The clear lamps were filled, monochromatically, with red, blue, green, or yellow bricks.

And so, while searching for a nightstand lamp for our guest bedroom, I convinced my wife to attempt to emulate those lights. We found an empty jelly jar-based lamp that was intended to be filled by craft-minded individuals. Since there are no seashells in Kansas City, we made do with white LEGO bricks. My wife was happy because we had secured a lamp before out-of-town guests arrived. I was happy because the guest bedroom remained one of the few rooms in the house that I haven't managed to take over with some portion of my LEGO collection.

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