Monday, January 19, 2009

The art of finding simple joy

A friend told me once about attending a birthday party for four year-olds that was over the top. There were bouncy castles and animals for riding, but the four-year-olds weren't interested in any of the rented attractions. They found the most (and repeatable) joy in transferring ice from one of the tubs of drinks to another nearby tub. The lesson he took away was easy, sometimes the simple joys in life are the best ones.

Today, I think I finally get it. It's nearing the end of January, so it was time to break down Christmas in the Bender household. The tree had given off it's last Viking call and was shedding needles at an alarming rate. It was time for a parking lot burial.

Kate tentatively asked me if I was ready to take down the LEGO advent calendar, which had been on semi-permanent display above our entertainment center. And as I broke down the advent calendar box, I discovered my simple joy. The advent calendar holds within it a 4x6 grid of plastic tubs- the kind that are perfecting for sorting parts, and even possibly storage.

I cheered. Kate called me a dork. Best non-birthday ever.

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