Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the rubber band holder

I was visiting the BrickLink store of BrickScope late last summer when the store's general manager pointed out a storage drawer filled with dark grey plastic spindles. It was in response to a question when I asked about what doesn't sell on BrickLink. His answer, "rubber band holders."

I thought of that moment today while I was sorting a bucket of grey elements. A few rubber band holders lay in the middle of the tub. I started turning them over to see if I could get any ideas and put them to use. The holders work with the system of LEGO, a 1x2 brick fits just fine into the two central holes.

The boxy shape of the holder had two ideas jump off the bat: a cow and a robot. The holders are a bit like the bucket head of The Iron Giant. So, I've started playing around with the holders and rubber bands- they offer a variety of mouth options from tight-lipped (as you see above) to a goofy, uneven smile.

Just remember...with great packaging, comes great responsibility.

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