Monday, November 10, 2008

Thinking about LEGO bricks

I'm one-sixth of a lawyer. It's a joke my wife and I both love to tell, rather than say I attended a single semester of law school.

One of the things you learn as one-sixth of a lawyer is that you're being trained to think in a very different manner in the legal profession in order to attempt to find interesting ways to defend your client or apply the law in an advantageous manner. I'm beginning to notice that my thought patterns are similarly changing in regard to LEGO. The challenge and fun aspect of building with bricks is to figure out how to turn them into an unexpected shape or sculpture- something that other people haven't thought possible.

I've begun to purchase storage bins with as much frequency as LEGO bricks, and to delight in figuring out how to repurpose storage intended for other products. When Target had a recent discount sale on Halloween candy- I was excited (not by the candy), but by the extreme discount on candy tubs. The reusable plastic tubs will be perfect for holding bulk brick and smaller candy cases will be right for those random elements or accessories (shovels, specialty bricks).

Photo by pabojon.

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