Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Paul Walker's fault

One day, you're a fully functioning adult with a decent job and the ability to shave. But suddenly you wake up and you've been watching Eight Below for the better part of an hour while making a LEGO mosaic. Even worse, you feel the need to pause the second best sled dog movie of all time (I've always been partial to Jack London) to grab a drink and stretch a bit.

As you're sorting through pieces, hoping to find a cheese wedge or longer slope to match the odd lots that you have in tiny piles; you're just praying that all those poor dogs make it through the cold, barren winter.

It used to be I just watched terrible action movies when my wife was out of town. Fast and the Furious or Faster and the Furiouser- really any Paul Walker (Varsity Blues, The Skulls, Into The Blue- so many made-for-men classics) would do. I'd grab Chinese takeout and have a bachelor's night that was bad for my heart and brain. But now, it's the middle of the day and nobody's out of town. I'd like to blame Paul Walker, but it's not his fault that TBS shows his movies as often as Hoosiers or Con Air.

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how's the mosaic coming along, anyway?