Monday, November 24, 2008

Feel the rhythm

Feel the rhyme. Get on's bobsled time. There are few mornings spent as well as catching the last 30 minutes of "Cool Runnings," on TBS.

The delightfully dated, slightly fictionalized story of the first Jamaican bobsled team is the inspiration for today's build. I limited myself to a bucket of the parts that were in front of me, which included a few interesting plates and tiles, but was mostly 1x's.

The result is a LEGO minimalist's bobsled that is three studs wide and meant to evoke the idea of a bobsled, rather than be an exact replica. A jumper tile acts as the nosecone while the runners are 1x2 plates with an edge (those used to make running boards on cars or gutters on roofs). It's probably 20 pieces total and while I wouldn't sell it as a Creator set, I think it is at least recognizable (as long as I am standing there to tell people it's a bobsled).

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