Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go ahead, charge it.

When I thought of impulse buys, I used to think of gum or a trashy magazine featuring celebrities in unflattering photos.

My impulse buys were $5.99 DVDs (Coming to America, Hoosiers, Snakes on a Plane come to mind) or drinks with odd flavors (step away from the Coke with Lime). But lately my impulse buys have been coming in $20 increments.

If a store sells LEGO sets, I have an impulse to buy them. It can be the same sets I've seen at every other store this season, but if I feel like I need more of a given color or a particular minifig or wheels for custom cars, an impulse takes over and suddenly I've got another "business expense."

But when does impulse turn into compulsion? I started out writing about adult fans of LEGO, but when all is said and done, perhaps I'll just be writing the unintended sequel to Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Photo by Flavouz.

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