Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I might be growing up...

Despite attending a LEGO convention, hitting up a LEGO retail store and Toys R' Us in the month of May, I think I am still net negative on LEGO bricks in May.

Thanks to appearances, charity events, and a sneaky campaign to get more friends to build, I've been shedding bricks like a dog's winter coat. And while I feel a small pang to give up some sets, I know that I have to share -- it's a part of life. After all, at some point my daughter will want to play with LEGO bricks and I won't be able to refuse. And my wife already takes sets and assembles them with dogged purposefulness.

While I lament the slight shrinking of my collection, it in no way compares to the joy of starting someone else's collection. Plus, LEGO makes 19 billion elements a year, my gut says that should be enough for all of us.

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Mariann Asanuma said...

Don't worry Jonathan, you can always buy more. I've been asked many times if I have a hard time giving my models away once I'm finished with building them. I always say no. I didn't make the model for me, so giving it to the person who ordered it is just fine. Plus knowing that a model I built will be enjoyed by others makes me smile.