Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nice try Rubik's Cube, really good effort

Listen up Rubik's Cube -- you're a cute toy. You've got a lot going for you. Bright colors, angular jawline, just the right amount of mystery. And you're even celebrating a birthday this month, 30 years, that's a heck of an achievement.

You should have a really positive self-image. You've helped thousands of geeks impress thousands of girls and brought competition to those who were not that into sports. But sadly, despite a similar color palette and basic geometric design, you are no LEGO brick.

In fact, a LEGO Mindstorms robot was even used to solve you recently, that's probably got to hurt. As far as I know, the Rubik's Cube isn't spontaneously compelling LEGO bricks together a la some sort of dork force field -- although I'll admit that would be pretty sweet if it happened.

So take solace in the fact that you're still relevant. You could have been Crossfire, left behind when I was eight years old, despite the catchiest board game theme song of all time.

It's simple. Rock always beats scissors, and bricks always beat cubes.

via Nick Shell.

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The Warrior said...

Well, it looks like I'll just have to start reading your blog, good sir! :-D