Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forget action figures, it's time to start collecting LEGO minifigs

The minifigure (little LEGO guys and girls) debuted in 1978 -- the same year in which I was born. And now, in the same year that I've introduced my first book -- the minifig is now going to be released in a collectible series. Coincidence? Absolutely.

The first set includes a robot, cheerleader and zombie among the 16 individually packaged figures. The yellow packaging means that you won't know which is inside the bags, which is why a lot of adult fans plan to buy an entire case, just to make sure they get a complete set or who they want.

The first series of figures is set to be released in June (although they may already be at Toys R' Us, according to a friend), while the second set (pictured above, courtesy of The Brothers-Brick) doesn't have a release date yet.

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