Tuesday, May 4, 2010

R is For...

We are so close to finishing the Brick Encyclopedia -- me and my trusty Swedish research assistant Swen -- that I feel compelled to get up the next entry a bit quicker than usual. In addition, my reader in Greenland -- hey guy, glad you got the Internet -- is getting antsy. And I think this is a great introductory-style post for the folks who are new to the blog. So with those two truths and a lie (or two lies and a truth), R is for...

Racer X -- Who wouldn't want a brother racing anonymously to expose corruption and protect you? Ah, but what if that brother was Matthew Fox -- this is the sword of Damocles.

Ray Allen -- The basketball player was immortalized as a minifigure. He's got literal springs in his legs, although this figure is difficult for him to look at, as he is depicted wearing a Milwaukee Bucks jersey.

Rebel Pilot -- The guys who fly alongside Luke Skywalker and are blown up to advance the plot. Their uniforms are fairly close to Home Depot uniforms.

Robot -- A new line of collectable minifigures will be released by LEGO in June, the Robot is one of the 16 available. He might be my favorite.

Rock Monster -- The foil of the Power Miners -- it's hard not to like a race of rock creatures that are laser-focused on rock crystals. Plus, I just think of the rock giant in Neverending Story.

Image via pasukaru76.

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