Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moving Away From Convention

I was sorting some bricks the other evening when I came across a collection of magnetic bricks stuck together in a rectangular jumble. These are my name tags from the AFOL conventions I attended last year. It was a rare year for anybody in that I attended four adult conventions all across the country- each with it's own personality in addition to the many personalities that are on hand in the community.

With BrickWorld a little over a month away, I'm starting to miss the circuit. I never thought of myself as a conventioneer, heading to Vegas to sell washing machines over steaks or entertaining clients at boat shows. But adult fan of LEGO conventions are different. They revolve around three things: discovering how to build better, getting a chance to show what you do, and meeting a wide range of interesting people.

They're unconventional, but that's what makes them great conventions.

Photo by Captain Redstorm.

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Anonymous said... seriously. You're coming to Brickworld this year, right?