Wednesday, May 20, 2009

D is for...

The much-delayed and highly anticipated fourth installment in the brick-based encyclopedia. For those of you scoring at home, this will cover the "D" words...

D is for... Death Star. It only seems appropriate that LEGO has released two versions of the planet-sized spacecraft. Now, if they could only get the rebels to stop destroying the prototypes.

D is for....Dino Island. A subtheme in the Adventurers line. Those ideas that burn brightest are extinguished too quickly. 2000 was the only year these were available.

D is for...Dr. Charles Lightning- the pith-helmeted, sage companion to Johnny Thunder. If anyone is ever short for a nickname, you could do worse than Dr. Lightning.

D is for...Donut, which Mitch Hedberg once informed us was not a receipt-worthy transaction.

D is for...Dwarves. The bearded and newest race in the Castle theme. LEGO has imbued them with "the courage of humans twice their size."

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