Monday, May 18, 2009

Rock and LEGO

To those about to brick, we salute you. Dave Chatterson, you're the one who has likely earned the full brunt of this salute. And that's because you built a pretty sweet LEGO Fender guitar amp. So far, this post is reading about as genuine as the radio beer spots that tout the accomplishments of various misguided men involved in occupations on the margins. But rest assured, it's sincere.

The amp is an outstanding recreation of an amp, but it is the details that make it shine. The inner workings and control panel on the front are top notch. The only thing that makes me wonder if this is a viral ad stems from Chatterson's outstanding collection, which apparently lay dormant before he built the amp replica. I have trouble believing anybody could keep their hands off such a wide variety of parts for so long.

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