Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Should Visit "A LEGO A Day"

It's just one year I told myself. One year to play with LEGO bricks and learn about what has happened since I put them down at the age of 12. That was the idea behind the book draft I'm currently editing- just spend a year immersed in the Adult Fan of LEGO culture.

That was close to 15 months ago and I'm showing no signs of stopping. I'm like an undercover cop that got into deep. And so, I'm curious about what will happen to a blog I enjoy visiting, "A LEGO a Day..." It's one of my favorite LEGO blogs, in that it combines the finest elements of LEGO- surprise and a good sense of humor.

Today marks Day 345 of a proposed 365-day adventure where teacher and photographer Dan presents a LEGO photo a day for a year. Dan is going to hit his mark in less than three weeks...how much you want to be bet he keeps going?

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