Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Review: Safari Adventure in LEGOLAND

Precious little source material exists when it comes to researching LEGO. It's kind of surprising, but ultimately you look for information anywhere you can get it as a journalist. That's why I sat down this morning with a copy of "Safari Adventure in LEGOLAND," by Carol Matas. It's a 1994 children's book about a boy's adventures in the Denmark theme park after it shuts down for the evening.

Aaron is tasked with saving a queen, but unfortunately he can only do so after being shrunk to the size of a LEGO minifig. Hilarity ensues, two inches at a time. So far, I've discovered that there is a character named Bad Bart of Legoredo- possibly the best name for a fictional place outside of Narnia. And at just eight years old, Aaron seems like a bit of a whiner when compared with his brave (but bossy) older sister Rebecca. I speak from experience- I'm a little brother and it's easy to tell when another little brother is being annoying.

Aaron is shooting a LEGO gun at toy animals- and it seems, in a bit of foreshadowing, that this might not be the best choice for when the rides come to life. How will it end? I'm betting with an ice cream sundae.

If you know, don't ruin it like the time my brother informed me halfway through the Dr. Robin Cook novel Outbreak that they all died of the flu.

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