Thursday, June 5, 2008

On boxing rings and space dementia

Into all lives, a little poor construction must fall. Today's effort is a bad one. The concept was willing but my fingers were lacking. I've been looking at a lot of tableaus online, small scenes that are recreations of movies or just whimsical placement of LEGO minifigs in absurd situations.

The premise for this build was a boxing match gone horribly wrong. Think Rock-'em, Sock'em Robots, only gorier. Based on the minifigs at hand, it was going to be a sporting contest between the Space Police and a moon vehicle driver.

The canvas of the boxing ring proved to be the first issue as I failed to build a well-connected, structurally strong surface. I instead ended up with a flimsy base that was two plates thick. The ring poles also were too thick in proportion and the ropes were a nightmare. This was the type of project where the end result is not reflective of the time and energy spent to get there. It's the first thing I've built that I would rather throw away than post online.

But this is a process and there are going to be blemishes. We can't all be as shiny as Paris Hilton. If anyone's got some boxing ring advice or even thoughts to keep in mind when planning out a tableau, I'd be glad for some direction.

In the interim, know that the Space Police were once again victorious, though subdued in the post fight interview.

"I was just doing my job," said Lt. Hank Holmes, a veteran of the Space Police, "sometimes you got to put a guy down who has space dementia."

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