Monday, June 2, 2008

Make a little window to your soul

They Might Be Giants suggested you make a little birdhouse in your soul. My dog has decided to begin with a tiny red window. The yellow-framed, four-paned window is a standard of home building- only this one is now missing a left set of window panes and smells faintly of Science Diet puppy food. But I've been thinking about building a home in need of renovation- it would suit my current style because if something was inaccurate I could just argue that it was in need of repair. Furthermore, you figure the subprime mess has to be affecting the Town & Country set of LEGO folks with little minifigs walking away from their LEGO mortgages because it makes more sense to default.

I haven't starting work on an abandoned LEGO subdivision where an ambitious minifig developer overbuilt, as frankly the idea seems less tongue-in-cheek and more just depressing. But a house built by a poorly trained architect seems right up my alley.

So while I ponder that, I'm rubbing my dog's tummy because it is apparently her stomach and not her eyes that will be providing the window to her soul.

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