Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LEGO bricks are an acquired taste

If Starburst was to release a new flavor- let's just it would not be old, musty LEGO brick flavor. Today, I made the unfortunate mistake of holding a LEGO plate between my lips while building, in the same manner one would hold an extra nail or screw while hanging a picture.

That plan lasted for three seconds until my tongue accidentally brushed up against the end of the plate. Some combination of dust, sweat, and cheese (despite the fact that there has clearly never been cheese in the box) assaulted my palate. Needless to say, I think my brain learned an important lesson today, either that or I'm writing to you on autopilot.

The idea of brick-shaped food is admittedly intriguing. From Jello to potato wedges, the idea of an artfully crafted house of food has me thinking beyond Gingerbread Houses. If I get hungry though, I think that next time I will opt for the brick waffles- because who can let go LEGO of delicious Eggo?

Photo Credit: cknlomein

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Sean Conta said...

lego waffles are cool but check this out: