Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Music to build by...

It's about time LEGO had a theme song for building. Brick House by The Commodores would be a no-brainer. I love listening to music while I build, it's the same technique that I use in writing- there's a collection of about 80 songs that I've heard so often they essentially fade into background noise. Girl rock (Kate Nash, Avril Lavigne), Peppy boy rock (All-American Rejects and OK Go), and classical soundtracks (The Natural, Braveheart) are all surprisingly inspired choices.

Now that my poor musical tastes have been laid bare, perhaps you'll take sympathy and offer up some new choices to accompany building. I've already rejected "Build Me Up Buttercup" (the danger is too high- that song never leaves your brain), "Build" by the Housemartins (a little too sweet) and "Build God, Then We'll Talk," by Panic at the Disco (too Emo-angsty).

What's in your boombox?

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