Tuesday, May 20, 2008

100 years of brickitude

Few joys in life can stack up to a Cubs game on television and a coffee table covered in LEGO bricks. For those of you who find baseball dastardly slow, just grab a box of LEGO bricks and get building. The next thing you know it will be at least the third inning and you'll have built yourself a castle.

The attached picture is a logo, I'll see if you can figure out what is says on your own. It features space ship chairs, doors, and what look to me like tiny oil derricks. If you need a hint, consider the first sentence of this post (it's not a coffee table, although LEGO furniture is an intriguing concept). If you can't decipher the complex sculpture, it's probably because it looks like a camel.

Please know this idea was, in large part, inspired by Sean Kenney's Google sign, which is on another level of awesome.

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