Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dog bites brick

The dog was quiet in the other room, which meant she was likely chewing on the couch. I choose to believe that animals, like people, are inherently good, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I chose poorly.

Charlie lay with her front half beneath the coffee table, an oversized black ottoman. It is where she goes when she wants to chew something without one of her owners callously interrupting her. Socks and pens disappear into her living room cavern with disturbing regularity. When I entered the room, I heard the telltale sound of her working something around inside her mouth. A quick crunch, followed by a soft clicking noise that is reminiscent of how one might calm a nervous horse.

I got down on my knees and peeked under the coffee table and met a pair of baleful eyes. Charlie immediately stopped chewing and furrowed the folds above those eyes- a worried look which she understands tends to soften the anger of the Man or Woman responsible for feeding her. "Off," I muttered- the only command that reliably protects my fingers and into the mouth of the beast I reached.

I didn't feel anything at first except the unpleasant warmth of a dog's mouth. A second sweep found a mangled piece of plastic on the right side of her tongue. Charlie had compacted a 1x2 brick into a twisted approximation of a 1x1 brick. I looked at the ruined LEGO piece in my hand and understood it would not be the last plastic brick to fall victim of the jaws of my dog. I hope she doesn't find many more pieces; however, because it appears that her creation was not that far from what I've been building recently.

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