Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's bricks

I am not one who covets, with the notable exceptions of my own skeeball machine and miniature golf course. But I'm starting to see how one could begin to covet. Who doesn't want a LEGO stegosaurus?

The interesting thing I've begun to notice is that what I'm attracted to building and buying is what I was fascinated by as a child. It's dinosaurs, robots, old-timey planes or contraptions (think Rube Goldberg), cars, and the Chicago sports teams I have cheered for all of my life.

In some respects this makes sense, I've still moved by what I stirred my imagination as a kid. And my mind likely defaulted to the first idea it had when I began to build which is going to be robots or monkeys a least a quarter of the time. Do you find yourself going back in time when you pick up LEGO bricks?

Photo Credit: timailius

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