Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LEGO bricks are made for sharing

The joy of LEGO bricks is in sharing. It's fun to share the bricks you have, the passion you feel and the creations you've made.

And so I was overjoyed when a good friend sent me a picture of his first MOC (my own creation). Above is his alligator made entirely from bricks in the Creator Mini Dumper impulse set. Instantly recognizable with a bit of humor in the face -- it's a fantastic first effort from somebody getting back into the hobby. It's also a great lesson that you're never too old to discover the joy of building.

Overall, it's a great MOC because it is his idea from start to finish. I'm just happy he chose to share it with me and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it with you.


Astro Galaxy said...

Cool blog with a great variety of Lego stuffs!
I enjoy reading it so I've done up your blog link.
All the best!

Stephen Sherman said...

Great gator!

I have a new
LEGO® community site: Brick Collections

and would be delighted to have you share. Other members would be interested in your contributions, or stuff your friends send.


Mickey said...

Hi, I just finished reading your book. I really enjoyed it.