Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think I'd keep this wallet in my front pocket

I have money that needs to be stored. And I usually wish I had a baseplate and some bricks, so I could do the LEGO brick equivalent of doodling while waiting somewhere.
The lady's wallet (above) could be my answer. I think it would look lovely in my man purse.


Thomas said...

Did you see the LEGO iPhone case? Kind of reminds me of this.

My lego creations said...

I liked the Lego wallet you have designed. I also love to design awesome creations using Legos. Check out my blog Cool Lego Creations

Riley said...

Hey jonathan I just wanted to say thank you, me being a member of the afol community you've really brought are community to the public and we really appreciate it

Kent said...

Nice one. I have another similar. By the way, Jonathan, I just finish reading your book Lego: A Love Story. It is very nice! :)

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