Friday, March 27, 2009

I need to wear shoes indoors

It was bound to happen and I'd like to pretend that it didn't hurt; but I finally understand the hullabaloo over stepping on a LEGO brick.

It really hurts. There is the sharp bite of the plastic edge digging into your foot followed by the panic impulse in your brain that is trying to stop your foot from descending further and feeling the LEGO brick sink further into your heel.

Then the pain really sets in. As you curse and hop around the room trying to massage out the pain, that's when your dog strikes. A LEGO brick on the floor is a deliciously textured treat to a canine, too sweet to be resisted. So then there is the joy of chasing your dog around the living room while hopping on one foot and trying a series of ineffectual commands.

Photo by DARKSpawn.

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