Friday, June 4, 2010

Why you should build your resume out of LEGO bricks

When I was little I thought my dream job would be as a master model builder working for LEGO. I certainly had no idea we'd enter an age where LEGO building could be the difference between getting a job and remaining unemployed as an adult. We live in weird times.

The Scottish Sun has the story of Lindsay Burns, who apparently didn't get a job in a call center because her plastic brick building skills weren't up to snuff. To use the Sun's lede -- I was gobsmacked by this story.

There is something positive to come out of all of this. The next time somebody catches you playing with LEGO bricks, you can explain that you're conducting a mock job interview. In addition, all your LEGO purchases might just be considered "work expenses" at this point.

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Unknown said...

If I recall correctly, isn't "The Sun" like a British tabloid?

I am not trying to be offensive, I just recall from my days of looking at "" that all stories from the "The Sun" were taken with a grain of salt. So I do not know about the credibility of this story.

However, I do believe Legos have an important place in job applicants and resumes. I believe working with Legos can help developed troubleshooting skills, critical thinking, problem solving, ingenuity, engineering, architect, imagination, and make great office decor (I know have all the complete Pirate 2009 Series adorning my office :)) I also find Legos a great stress relief. When i do get stressed at work, I will pull my little box of lego pieces and start putting them together and pulling them apart.

Idk but I still do not fully trust the legitimacy of this story tho. But then again, It is in Scotland and things are ran differently over there than here in the states.

If this story is true, at least they could have stated as what she failed to do on building the house. Unless this was more of a team player task.