Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Carrie, Rod Roddy, and LEGO Ear Buds

I never knew that I would become an amateur LEGO fashionista. In fact, this blog at times feels closer to "Go Fug Yourself," than I'd care to admit. Most days, I just sit here and pray that LEGO accessories will make it into Sex and the City 2: The Return of City.

LEGO Ear Buds are the newest design inspiration to come across my desk (sadly, only in virtual form). Thanks to the keen eye of Swiss Miss, you can find them at Molla Space for $29. While they're ear buds, I'd be dying to build a set of LEGO headphones to connect them.

You know what these ear buds would look great with? How about...(move to a Rod Roddy voice here)...a brand new LEGO MP3 player? Cue the jumping up and down and the Bob Barker hugging.

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