Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We grow up so fast

For the first time I gave away a set that I was intending to build. I'm not sure if this is progress -- in that I'm sharing something I love -- as it was harder to do than I expected. And I suspect that I will be buying the Space Skulls set again to make it like the gifting never happened.

It's a funny thing to be conflicted about giving a gift, wherein I recognize that someone else can I experience the joy as an adult that I've felt over the past several years, while still wishing that that joy didn't have to happen with bricks I owned. The nice thing is that the former well outweighs the latter, the weird thing is that the latter exists at all.

I guess this means I'm just growing up a bit when it comes to my LEGO habit. And it seemed like just yesterday I was getting my first set and playing with a loose box of DUPLO bricks on a wooden table. Kiss your adult fans ladies (and gentlemen) -- they won't stay this mental age forever.

Image via Teskov.

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