Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's no escaping adult fandom

The reality of being an adult fan of LEGO is not something that is going to disappear any time soon -- a point that keeps being hammered home to me on a daily basis.

"Are you going to get rid of all of these LEGO bricks when the book comes out?" a friend recently asked when viewing the tubs and storage cases that dominate the white shelves of my office.

"No, I'll still build, it's too much fun not to," was my measured response. What I first thought was: I can't give this up, it's a part of who I am now.

The second reminder was slightly more light-hearted. For a working journalist, who owns easily 100 pens -- I somehow never have more than two pens near me at any given time. And when one inevitably won't write, I'm often down to the spare before the interview has even started. As it turns out, the spare in my laptop bag was my LEGO Yoda pen -- which I've used on several occasions and remarkably tends to put interview subjects of any age at ease.

Image via Joe Shlabotnik.

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Unknown said...

That bit about the pen is so right on, making this one of my favorite posts. The little viral bits of LEGO fandom are especially nice. I laugh at myself when someone trips the LEGO fan trap and I transform into the brick proselytizer. It's inescapable.