Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now in book-form

I spent the last hour before midnight curled up on my couch with a book and it may have been my favorite of all time. Although "Under the Dome," by Stephen King is waiting on a file cabinet in my office and "Ad Hoc At Home," by Thomas Keller is on the dining room table -- both took a distant backseat to the collection of copied pages bound together by rubber band. For you see, this was my book.

When I came home last night, the typeset pages for the book were waiting between my screen door and front door. This is why man invented anticipation because the arrival of what you're waiting for could not be sweeter.

And so, I began reading through the pages. In the coming days, that will be the time to find grammar mistakes or sentences that fail the comprehension test. But for right now, there is only the joy of seeing one's thoughts on paper.


NikkiDooDoo said...

Where's the frickin "Like" button?

Congrats, JB. And happy nitpicking.

David said...

Awesome! Can't wait.

Andrew B. said...

Congratulations indeed. Can't wait to see this flying off the shelves everywhere!

Soozcat said...

Congrats! Let us know when it's out.