Monday, January 4, 2010

Here for your amusement

I've never really liked amusement parks. When I was young I was too small to ride most of the roller coasters, so by the time I got bigger and older, I never had any desire to take on the biggest, baddest rides in the park.

As a result, I'm usually drawn to spin-y, Teacup-style rides and anything that simulates a log rolling down a water slide in the manner of a flume. However, these are not the kind of rides that can sustain an afternoon -- in addition, the flume ride in Ohio tends to pretty similar to the one in Ontario. And that's because the folks who get on flume rides have exactly that expectation -- that this flume ride shall be uneventful, if a bit soggy.

However, visiting LEGOLAND Billund and California as an adult has dramatically changed my worldview on amusement parks -- I have since tripled the number of roller coasters I've been on in my life (rocketing from one to three) and discovered that amusement

If you doubt that you can enjoy LEGOLAND as an adult, read through this comprehensive post from The Brothers Brick on visiting the park when you're old enough to drive there yourself. To those of you who were like me, leading a life sans amusement -- it may change your neat and risk-free mind.

Image via eyeliam.

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