Thursday, January 28, 2010

BrickArms and the world of LEGO customization

Man has never really been content to just leave things alone. We can't help modifying or tweaking or painting the cave walls. So it was never a surprise that a world of LEGO customizers exists among adult fans, but what was surprising was just how advanced the techniques have become and how viable the market is for customized minifigures and LEGO accessories.

Right there at the forefront is Will Chapman -- BrickArms (makers of weapons, accessories, and minifigures) owner and fabricator. Chapman is profiled in the cover story of February's Wired magazine (via The Brothers Brick). He has used molds and a cutter to make everything from bazookas to paintball markers to a gun in a spy briefcase -- all of which are meant to wielded by minifigures.

We are tinkerers and it's fun to see what a bit of ingenuity can bring to new LEGO creations.

Image via floodllama.

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