Friday, November 20, 2009

What Do You Want For Christmas?

When you get older and/or married -- suddenly it seems imperative that your Christmas lists be done well in advance of Christmas. And so I'm attempting to contribute to the Excel spreadsheet that determines what will be under the tree this year for relatives and friends.

Two years ago, there was not a single LEGO purchase (the horror! the horror!) on the list. Today, I look to the Santa minifig on my keychain for guidance, 'nuff said. And so I find myself trying to figure out exactly how to get everybody some form of LEGO paraphernalia or set. However it becomes exceedingly difficult to separate out what I want from what I believe somebody else would want.

It feels a bit like buying somebody a grill, with the knowledge that you can't have one on the fire escape of your apartment, and then showing up the next week with steaks, whether they're home or not. I guess I will just have to restrain myself from tearing open other people's gifts come Christmas morning, I believe I still have enough Christmas spirit to accomplish that bit of civility.

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