Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Shoemaker Had Elves, BMW Has Children

It's that time of year when elves scurry madly to finish the toys that children want for Christmas. And when elves aren't available -- times are admittedly tough -- sometimes you need to use children in order to build the toys that adults want for Christmas (when children are unavailable, I assume you use centaurs or whichever mythical creature has opposable thumbs).

At the BMW Welt (a product showroom/distribution center/event space hybrid) in Munich, Germany, 800 children helped build a full-size replica of the BMW X1 -- an urban crossover vehicle that looks like a Z3 and Ford Edge had a baby. In the span of four days, the children helped put together the 165,000 LEGO bricks needed to replicate the car.

These are the kind of group builds we need in America. In the interim, I know what I'll be asking Santa (or the centaurs) for this Christmas.

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