Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls Are Totally Allowed In The Club

There is joy and then there is the moment when your spouse walks into the office and says, "I haven't built anything in a while, I want to build something."

It must be like this when your kid asks you to play -- how could I turn down such a sweet face. In short, I can't. So this weekend comes with the excitement that a set will be built or a bucket of LEGO bricks will be dumped on the ottoman in an effort to find something to build. And just to be sure that we have enough, I wonder if I'll be able to convince her that we should stop at a toy store or Target to pick up a new set.

There is a camper city set that I think could be a good way of testing on the waters on whether we should buy an RV (a hobby that could make LEGO purchases seem small in comparison). It's a pretty sweet thing when you have a LEGO playdate with your wife.

If you're in search of a playdate, you could always build a LEGO girlfriend.

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