Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Collector v. Fan

It's a fine line between collector and fan. In one case, the goal is to complete a set or accumulate all of a given line. In the other, your purchasing habits might be the same, you just end up tearing open the boxes and clam shell packaging.

As LEGO-infused products slowly take over our house, I'm wondering if I'm essentially becoming some sort of collector-fan hybrid. When it comes to bricks, those are taken out of the box and used for building. But the video games, clothing, and kitchen items feel a bit like collector's items, even if they're in the rotation as well.

LEGO bricks feel like they were never meant to be collected, more like they are something to amass and then put to work in your latest creation. It's one of the few holdovers from my childhood beliefs that comes into play as an adult. You play with LEGO bricks, and you play well.

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