Monday, June 15, 2009

The great LEGO storage caper

I left no storage option unturned. It is time for the great LEGO reorganization that is needlessly expensive, unnecessarily agonized over, and ultimately will need to be replaced.

In an effort to confine all of the LEGO in the house to one room, it's time I got a better system of organization beyond stolen Tupperware containers from the kitchen and oversized tubs filled to the brim. So goodbye LEGO in the third bedroom and living room- you had your time to shine there, but now you must be caged and put on display like any domesticated polar bears or tigers.

In addition, you'll be separated, but kept with your own kind. I can't have a 1x4 red brick and a 2x2 blue brick, giving me a 2x3 purple brick- it's just not natural. I hope you understand.

It turns out the LEGO hobby might just be the man equivalent of scrapbooking or crafting. You need to put a series of tiny accessories into tiny compartments. I wish I was less excited about plastic tubs with adjustable dividers, but these are the facts and thus must be reported as such.

Photo by Doctor Sinister.


Dave Pickett said...

I know, I feel like I have two hobbies, LEGO and organizing LEGO. Adjustable dividers are awesome, but beware, they can be addictive, soon you'll be moving everything into smaller and smaller compartments.

Jonathan Bender said...

We need minions David, we need minions.

Unknown said...

I'm having the same problem. I shifted from bricks to minifig/accessories for a bit, but now I need to return to the huge project. Need more containers.