Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love New York

I don't often link from here, but some creations are just too good to pass up. Christopher Niemann's blog, Abstract City, on The New York Times' website, is one of the things I miss about living in New York. Thankfully, the Internet still works in Kansas City.

On Monday, he put up a series of LEGO creations with hilarious captions about places, people, and common occurrences in the metro area. Each of his pictures features a simple LEGO model that asks the reader to use his/her imagination to fill in the details. He breaks a New York City cab, coffee, and Metro card down to their basic brick essence.

In Niemann's world, a cab is basically a square on top of a rectangle with a thin rectangle to show if it's empty or occupied. It's a fun way to spend a few minutes enjoying the sights without actually going to Manhattan. And it's just further proof that you don't need to have a lot of LEGO bricks to make something truly unique.

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Raero said...

My friend just forwarded this to me!
So, i sent everyone a link to your blog.

Legos rule. But you rule more.