Monday, December 15, 2008

Day One: Set 7884- Batman's Buggy

With the temperature dropping and the boxes piling up, it's time for a week of building. This not only limits the number of chores that can be achieved, but offers me the opportunity to improve my manual dexterity. In reality, this line of argument holds as much weight as the suggestion that video games and casinos are not a time/money suck.

The rules are simple: one set a day for five days. And in these hallowed (virtual) pages, you'll get my honest appraisal of the set building experience and what I learned. At 76 pieces, "Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze," [Set 7884] seemed like the right set to tackle first.

"It's up to Batman and his high-tech pursuit buggy to track down his frozen foe and use his harpoon to reel in the crook's sub-zero speedster," suggests the Amazon description. While I'm not sold that Batman would utilize a buggy to fight crime, the flame action and wing (which feels like a Bionicle element) add some cool factor to the caped crusader's vehicle.

This set, like many others, is ultimately about the minifigs. Mr. Freeze comes with a bubble and a ice-fire dispensing gun, and who doesn't want a cowled Batman? It seems like there are some interesting parts as well. Batman's ride comes equipped with silver pistons, the kind that scream to be included in a LEGO-ized muscle car. Mr. Freeze's jewel container might be the hatch of a miniscale rocketshop or just part of a mad scientist's laboratory.

Final Verdict: This one is destined for the parts bin, despite the fact that's it not widely available.


Jonathan Conta said...

Thought you'd find this rather amusing:

Jonathan Bender said...

You're right, Brendan is amusing.

You can even get into the holiday spirit with his Christmas book:

Anonymous said...

I've used the 'ice fire' element you speak of as 'sith lightning' in my Luke vs. Palpatine vignette resting on my UCS Death Star.